Our Approach

We generally divide projects into a number of distinct stages.

During the Project Initiation stage, we agree a detailed Project Brief with the client. This sets out:

  • Relevant background information
  • Project aims, objectives and outputs
  • The methods we will use to deliver the project
  • A project plan showing the likely dates, activities and outputs for each stage of the project
  • Risks and issues that could impact on project delivery, and how we will manage them
  • Key stakeholders
  • How and when we will communicate with the client throughout the project

In longer projects, we produce update and/or end-stage reports. These summarise actual delivery against planned delivery, identify any new risks or issues, and set out the plan for the next stage of the project.

We have found that this approach to project management:

  • Ensures that all parties are clear about how the project will be delivered and what will be produced
  • Maintains good communications between all parties
  • Builds in flexibility, allowing us to respond promptly to any unforeseen changes in circumstances